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    Therapy for Children, Adults, and Families

Philosophy and Approach

I appreciate the uniqueness of each individual client.  When working with a client, my primary goals is to discover who that person is-- their strengths, challenges, gifts, wounds, values, beliefs, and personality.  We then work together to overcome whatever difficulties and challenges have brought that person into my office.  I also work to preserve and strengthen those aspects of self that each client values most and empower clients to honor themselves in ways to achieve happiness, peace, and strength in their lives.

Depending on why a client has come to my office, I will spend time assessing the client's history, strengths, needs, and the "presenting problem."  It can take anywhere from one to six weeks for me to get to know a client well enough to be able to suggest a specific treatment plan.  We will collaborate to set some treatment goals and then begin to work towards meeting them, making any needed adjustments along the way.  The length of treatment depends on many factors.  Some individuals just want someone to consult with briefly-- for instance, if there is a difficult decision to be made in their lives.  Others would like to work on long-standing issues and are wanting more in-depth, long-term treatment.  In these cases, we work together to evaluate when to end the therapy.  Of course, the client is free to end the therapy at any time, as well as to request changes in the goals or methods of treatment as we go along.

When working with children, the evaluation process involves meeting with the parents or caregivers to gather background information and to assess current functioning.  I will then meet individually with the child for 2 diagnostic play therapy sessions.  Lastly, I will meet again with the parents to provide feedback, recommendations, and to discuss treatment goals. The parents/caregivers will be a pertinent part of the child's treatment and I work collaterally with them to achieve change. 

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